Formed by a Glacier, each item of Garogosi Jewellery is unique.  It captures a snapshot in time - a brief moment of poised ice - now passed, melted, eroded and lost. 
The creation technique involves a mould being taken directly from the surface of a Glacier, along with its GPS location. This process is unique and has taken years to perfect. No heat is emitted, no trace is left, and no damage is caused to the Glacier.  
Garogosi preserves a momentary fingerprint from the surface of a Glacier. Having shaped our landscape for millennia, they now shape these rustic and powerful items of jewellery – locking forever, one of the most impermanent forces of the natural world.


In 2014, the London born multidisciplinary artist Sevan Garo, was asked to create a series of sculptures for an exhibition in The Hague, Holland, entitled 'Your Engagement has Consequences'. At the time, Sevan was based in London. When I heard the title of the exhibition", he explains, "I immediately thought - GLACIERS." 

Sevan planned to take moulds from the surface of a glacier, and to cast these moulds into a series of sculptures. These would capture and preserve the form and fingerprint of the glacier. Glaciers are retreating at an incredible pace around the world, so these sculptures perfectly depicted one of the consequences of our engagement with the environment.

He travelled to the Alps with some friends with the intention of taking a mould from the surface of one of the most iconic glaciers in Europe, Mer de Glacé, or 'Sea of Ice'. He had never been on a glacier before, let alone taken a mould from the surface of one. He had also been told that the mould would not set on ice. "All I had was the materials for the mould, and an old ice axe. I had no idea if it was going to work." 

He planned to use a unique blend of materials that had to set for 24 hours after casting the mould, hoping that this would work on the ice. However, this also meant that it had to be left overnight. "It was one thing going up there the first time, but on the second day a storm had come in, so that was a whole new level. But we couldn't just leave the mould up there. When we finally made it back up to where we'd left it, we could see it had all been worth it. The glacier had shed the mould like a skin, leaving a perfect fingerprint of the ice."

Three months later, Sevan was in The Hague installing his sculptures for the exhibition. He had produced six large glacial sculptures, cast in pure white pigment.

"I turned my back and suddenly heard a large smash. I knew straight away what it was." One of the sculptures had fallen off the wall and smashed into hundreds of small pieces.

"There was nothing I could do so I just began clearing up the mess. While I was clearing up, I held one of the small pieces of shattered sculpture in my hand. I thought 'this would make a really interesting and conceptual piece of wearable sculpture.'" This was the beginning of GAROGOSI.

"My intention was to make a few necklaces to get the money together to cast the glacier sculptures in bronze. At the time, I would never have considered going down the road of starting a jewellery brand."

While Sevan had no formal training in jewellery, his skills and experience with the manipulation of materials and metals as an artist and sculptor lent themselves easily to GAROGOSI’s creation. "I had never made a necklace, ring, cuff or bracelet before, and had never cast with silver or gold, but I knew the basic principles of casting. I also had no idea about developing a brand and setting up a small business. But I thought, f**k it, let's give this a shot." 

Three months later, Sevan had made a full collection of wearable glacial sculptures including Rings, Necklaces, Cuffs and Bangles. A month after that, he launched GAROGOSI in London.


Every piece of GAROGOSI wearable sculpture is made by Sevan, the artist behind GAROGOSI.  Each one is made in a little alpine mezzo studio. There are no conveyor belts or industrial machinery, only Sevan and his tools.

GAROGOSI only ever uses recycled silver and metals.

The GAROGOSI casting technique does not damage the glaciers in any way. No heat is emitted and no trace is left behind; the glaciers are left totally unharmed.

Glaciers have shaped much of our landscape over millennia. GAROGOSI connects the wearer to the powerful—and often invisible—natural forces that surround us.

We hope you join our mission to live in awe of these incredible natural phenomena.

Drop us an email if you find yourself in the Alps—we welcome visitors!