Why? Learning whats inside and outside of your control is one of lifes most important lessons.

How do you gain a sence of perspective? -Believing that there is something greater than me outside of myself—God. Also, in comparison to the universe, I'm just a speck of dust. I'm only as good as the community, cultures or legacy I lead not by thinking about me and me alone. 

Jmeel Allen

Bio -33, Designer & Art Director, London

Quote - 'It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.' Epictetus

What are you currently reading? The Heinemann boom of African poets 

Future plans? Working towards a show at the South Bank Centre in October 2018.

What does Contrast Defines mean to you? Being different and exactly unique. Not like any other or a copy of someone else. 

Item? My bespoke wedding band and bespoke Contrast Defines Glacier Necklace.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration right now? A collection of African poetry I found in a vintage bookshop and an exhibition I went to see at the Tate by Joan Jonas