How do you gain a sence of perspective? - I’m fortunate enough to travel a lot both in my professional and personal life and I’m always being shown a new perspective on life and the planet we’re living on. Be it amongst the wonderful upbeat people in Botswana making a living in the Okovango or trekking on a Glacier in the harsh otherworldly conditions of Iceland. You only have to stand still and take it all in to realise that whilst as a species we’re here for a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things, we will still leave a mark and it’s up to us to make sure it’s a positive one for whatever or whoever inherits our legacy.


Siôr Walbyoff

Bio - 32 years old from London, born to Welsh parents with Norman ancestry. I’ve always had a fascination with nature and wildlife. From having lizards as pets as a child and a collecting quarts and other rocks to put in my rock tumbler. I grew up walking in Brecon and the Lake District with my family, with vivid memories of my father explaining why valleys were shaped in such ways and how our planets surface as changed so dramatically over time. I guess this just grew with me after being so deep routed. 



What does Contrast Defines mean to you? My professional and personal life contrast is what defines me. I spend a lot of time in a very commercial environment professionally which naturally causes me to gravitate towards the opposite end of the spectrum, seeking refuge in nature and simplicity.

Item? My Contrast Glacier Ring a MASSIVE bespoke Glacier Cuff,  Glacier Knuckle Ring and loads of Bracelets!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration right now?  DiCaprio for using his position to highlight environmental issues, the WWF for their continued excellent work and all the small cogs in the big wheel who work without recognition to fight the planetary issues faced on both land and sea.


What are you currently reading?  Sapiens, Born to run and Above the clouds - Anatoli Boukreev

Future plans? Raise awareness for the generation coming after me - my nephew is obsessed with animals, most notably tigers. It’s despairing to think that when he’s my age they may be extinct or only ever seen locked away for their own protection. To compete in more fitness competitions More exploring - Antarctica and South America are both high on my list of places to see. And of course, spending more time on glaciers enjoying this beautiful planet.